slash pages

A guide to common pages you can add to your website

Slash pages are common pages you can add to your website, usually with a standard, root-level slug like /now, /about, or /uses. They tend to describe the individual behind the site and are distinguishing characteristics of the IndieWeb.

The name was coined independently by both Caleb Hearth and Shellsharks. This page was made by Robb Knight.


a page all about you


a page on your website that describes how you use, or don't use, AI


a list of other sites that you read, are a follower of, or recommend

Similar to /podroll, but for blogs, and /postroll


a list of your every day carry items

Everyday Carry on Wikipedia

Similar to /uses

/changelog or /log

a summary of changes to your website


You should make a /chipotle page so when a friend is picking up Chipotle for you, you can send them a link instead of having to redescribe/retype your Chipotle order


a page that describes how the site is made, with what tools, supporting what technologies


a way for people to contact you

Similar to /hello


a list of the apps you uses for various tasks, usually based on the list from Hemispheric Views 097

May also be covered with /uses

/follow or /subscribe or /feeds

a page listing your RSS/Atom/JSON feeds and other way to subscribe to your posts


a single page listing the ways that you prefer to keep in touch

Similar to /contact


things people want to make, or concepts they are considering


a place for website authors to list out things they’re passionate about and expound on what it is about those things that excites them

a list of links to sites you want link to, share, or bookmark for future reference

Should be marked up with the u-bookmark-of property if you're implementing microformats.

Note: /links is also commonly used for a list of links to the website owners other sites and online accounts


What are you going to do next

Similar to /someday


a list of things you don't like or don't want to do


a page that tells you what this person is focused on at this point in their life


a list of podcasts that you recommend

Similar to /blogroll, but for podcasts


a list of interesting or impactful blog posts you've read

Similar to /blogroll and /links


a list of referral links and discount codes for things you recommend


list of pages on a website

See also: XML sitemaps


meta - a list of all your slash pages


things you someday would like to achieve, accomplish, explore, experience, create, learn, understand

Example /someday page

Similar to /next


A collection of concise write-ups on small things you've learnt day to day

These are typically developer-focused but they don't have to be.

/tip or /pay or /coffee

a page so those that enjoy your work can tip you or buy you a coffee


details of the things you use on a daily basis


a place to let others know about your current location

Similar to /now


an opportunity to say what you care about, what direction you’re heading, and how you hope to exist in the world. A minifesto on the purpose of your site, or your work


a list of things you agree with or will do